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Activities in Budapest offers a wide range of daytime and nighttime activities in Budapest. Our staff provides high quality services, for low prices at anytime. Have an unforgettable time in Hungary. Go for a paintball with your mates, before you go to a stag party or a bachelor party and we guarantee, that you'll always remember that day. Choose the activity, you'd like to experience from below.

Daytime activities



From 24 € / person

Beerbiking is one of the most popular daytime programs of stag-party and bachelor party tourists who visit our city.
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From 31 € / person

The cold war isn't over by a long shot...on the contrary! The real war is just starting now. Are You curious what a battle looks like inside a formerly communist state's military installation?
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Go Cart

Go Cart:

From 37 € / person

If You are used to average go cart circuits, You will be utterly surprised! We will take You to a circuit, where You can finally live out Your animalistic instincts and rub out the contestants around You, including the Stag!
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Target Shooting

Target Shooting:

From 44 € / person

Finally put down the cork gun and be a real man! We will take You to a program, where You can prove that You aren't just mouthing off..!
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Nighttime activities

Rent a Strip-club

Rent a Strip-club:

From 30 € / person

Don't make do with a little, think big, don't be stingy and party in style! Why don't You rent an entire strip-club to start with? Do You think that's impossible? Well it's not!
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Daytime activities



From 26 € / person

Stagdobudapest is in such an exceptional position, that it has an exclusive, contractual relationship with one of the most beautiful 25 hectare recreational centers near Budapest.
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Wine tasting

Wine tasting:

From 33 € / person

Let us introduce You to the enchanting world of Hungarian wine culture and gastronomy!
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From 29 € / person

It's slowly becoming more popular than paintball. It requires the same concentration and skills, the difference is the location and the weapon. Specifically, the game is played in a 3500 square meter system of caves, with laser weapons.
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River boat cruise

River boat cruise:

From 35 € / person

Discover Budapest from the Danube river, see the city in a way You couldn't from the river banks!
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Nighttime activities

Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl:

From 11 € / person

Now is the time to give it everything You've got, because the piquant, spicy part of Your visit to Budapest is coming up next!
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Strip dinner

Strip dinner:

From 23 € / person

Celebrate the stag befittingly, as such opportunity does not always arise. An evening devoted to culinary delights spiced with some strip show ...what could be better!
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VIP Strip-club Entry

VIP Strip-club Entry:

From 7 € / person

The provides two unmissable opportunities for the group members in the city's two hottest clubs!
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Daytime activities

Horse racing

Horse racing:

From 41 € / person

Try your luck, or if you aren't the risk taking type, just enjoy the weekend horse races arranged in beautiful surroundings at one of Budapest's oldest sports facilities.
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Escape game

Escape game:

From 26 € / person

Have you seen the feature film “Saw”? Now you can be the main character together with your buddies, with the difference, that you won’t need to saw off your arm at the elbow to escape, it’s enough to solve a few simple and not so simple puzzles.
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Thermal bath

Thermal bath:

From 27 € / person

Do you have a hangover? Would you need a little relaxation before the next party? The solution is the most historic and at the same time the most fantastic thermal-spa in Budapest.
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Nighttime activities

Party bus

Party bus:

From 50 € / person

This is the type of warm-up for the evening, that isn’t suited for beginners!
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Leopold said:

Our Stag day and night really was perfect! Afterwards all the guys said that it couldn't have been any better, so thank you so much Kata for arranging...

Sergey said:

If you are looking for an exciting activity in Budapest - Stagdobudapest has a lot to offer. I decided to do target shooting with my group. We already...

Roberto said:

As I told to Kata on Saturday, thank you so much for the organization. We really enjoyed the time we expend on P2. Everything was perfect. I will...

Tony said:

Excellent organizing, remarkably polite guide and fantastic programs how I can characterize Stagdobudapest. We are totally satisfied with everything...

David said:

We arrived in Budapest with great expectations, because a friend of ours had held his bachelor party here and recommended you, as they had an...