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Budapest - Rent a Strip-club

Be my Casanova

Don't make do with a little, think big, don't be stingy and party in style! Why don't You rent an entire strip-club to start with? Do You think that's impossible? Well it's not!

Stagdobudapest will make even that accessible for You in a way, that You won't even have to reach deep into Your wallet at all.

Through a circle of club owners, our company is associated with the two trendiest and safest night clubs, specifically P1 and P2, where the most beautiful and not unimportantly the most intelligent girls of Budapest work. It's guaranteed that You will be provided with the best service, from the most carefully selected staff, and what also matters a lot, at a very favorable price. Before deciding on Your evening program, consider it well, because this is really a must-not-miss and exclusive program, since in this way everything will be about You. You don't need to share either the girls or the place, nothing and nobody will disturb Your entertainment. And the price is unbeatable!

The contents of the program:

  • Free car service
  • Private exclusive renting between 7 Pm and 9 Pm
  • Unlimited drink consumption for 1.5 hours
  • Non-stop show on the stage
  • 8 to15 girls (depending on the group's size)
  • Free show for the stag
  • Pretty guide
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

33 € / person

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Leopold said:

Our Stag day and night really was perfect! Afterwards all the guys said that it couldn't have been any better, so thank you so much Kata for arranging...

Sergey said:

If you are looking for an exciting activity in Budapest - Stagdobudapest has a lot to offer. I decided to do target shooting with my group. We already...

Roberto said:

As I told to Kata on Saturday, thank you so much for the organization. We really enjoyed the time we expend on P2. Everything was perfect. I will...

Tony said:

Excellent organizing, remarkably polite guide and fantastic programs how I can characterize Stagdobudapest. We are totally satisfied with everything...

David said:

We arrived in Budapest with great expectations, because a friend of ours had held his bachelor party here and recommended you, as they had an...