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Budapest's best Fish&Chips

We found Budapest's
best Fish&Chips!



The fish&chips arrived to us with the street food madness and the luckily more growing places with fish, which is a seperate genre, along with the hamburger. We tested the fish&chips in Budapest, there were weak ones, and we've got the best one, among them.


Recently the street food, not the water runs from the tap, everything became popular what was designed for eating on the street. It's impossible to skim over the genre, because the facts shows that two and a half billion people eating on the street every day.


The english's favourite, the fish&chips has two parts: fried fish in beer batter and chips, many may think that latter is subsidiary, but it's not true. The potatoe next to the fish is not just an attachment, but a main component of the food. The interior fish&chips restaurants starting to realize this too, but according to our test the success is not smashing yet. In our midst, unfortunately the frozen potatoe and fish is common too. The English are experimenting with their favourite food a lot, which originally was flour, water and egg, today in many places they put starch, cornflour, baking powder and beer of course to make the batter even crunchy.


All of the fish&chips restaurants we were looked for, they said that the fish&chips is absolutely the tractive product, this was bought and asked for takeaway the most times. During the test we looked that how much the batter is crunchy, it's consistency, how much is it greasy and the amount of tinge in the oil. We scored the potatoe and the sauce too, though the English eat their chips with vinegar, not with sauce. We scored only the food, so we didn't count in the place's mood, purity, music even if we mentioned it in the rating and we tested every place just once. Naturally it's impossible to judge the quality of the other foods of the restaurant from the fish&chips, a good example is the Dokk buffet at the fish market in Budaörs which doesn't make fish&chips at all.


The Big Fish


This was the first swallow with sea fish in Budapest, it's not even a year it opened on Andrássy street and though there are better fish restaurants since, all we can do is thank for them for starting the line. We started testing the fish&chips here and unfortonately we desappointed immediately. Though there were a few people in the restaurant, we had to wait the most time for the fish here. The fish&chips was make by atlantic fish (which is the most prevalent version), but unfortunately it's batter was too thick and greasy. In turn it's not accidental that they packing it in paper in England, someway they have to get rid of the grease. The sauce was simple, forgettable dressing with mayonnaise and we rated the potatoe average too. It's clear that the restaurant on Andrássy street was made for the tourists, the prices showed that too. For 1890Ft it was far the most expensive and worst fish&chips we ate. We won't come back for this food again.

Price: 1890Ft Score: 5/10


Bubba's Water Grill


Next we tested a fresh swallow, the Bubba's Water Grill at the Southern Railway Station where if we see that they opened a month ago the conditions were a bit rudimentary. On their own admission, basically they thinking in take away not eating the food there. Therefore we sat on uncomfortable, ticker chairs we ate our chips on a not so relish surfboard with plastic cutleries. However, in the Bubba they asked immediately that what kind of fish would we like for the chips, for the reason they received a lot of good points as well as for the huge variety of potatoes (three sizes) and for the friendly prices. There is small size for 790Ft, large size with two kinds of sauces for 1190Ft and extra large for 1690Ft. The foods are made from atlantic cod, black cod and freshwater fish. We decided to eat the slightly delicious black cod and we didn't regret it. The fish was very delicious, though it's batter was too thick and greasy, the potatoe was a bit tough and dry and too roasted. However the sauce was better than it was in the Big Fish. We got remoulade sauce and the English's favourite, mashed peas. Both of the were very delicious.

Price: 1190 Ft Score: 6,5/10


Nemo Fish & Chips & Salad Bar


Interestingly the places with fish are concentrated to Buda, which is not a mistake considering Buda's poor gastronimical offer. The Nemo opened last autumn in Lövész street and after a few stops, today they are operating foolproofly. Beside fast chips eating, the Nemo is perfectly suitable for an evening dinner, their grilled squid is probably the best in the city. They don't disregard the fish&chips' art, they made it more perfect with Heston Blumethal's technique. They put the pasta made for the fish in soda bottle with a little bit of cider and they squish it on the cod, thereby the pelisse becomes more crunchy. The fish&chips made with the scientific technique was enough for the third place, there are more reasons of the minus points. First - the pasta, though it thinner than in the previous two places, it's still a bit thick, oily and it has a some tinge. We also gave minus point for the unimaginative sauces, a trenchant mayonnaise and ketchup was the addition to the medium size chips. They make the potatoe next to the chips from McCain frozen potatoe which is one of the best in the category. The ration is enormous, the biggest among all of the restaurants we tried. Nemo is a very good place, but next time we wouldn't eat fish&chips which is not a problem.

Price: 1600Ft Score: 7/10




Halkakas' concept is completely different from the previous places, because here they sell solely hungarian freshwater fish, nothing atlantic snob. According to this they reinterpreted the concept of the fish&chips and the food is african catfish here. We thought a lot about counting the Halkakas in the test, because the result is completely different like the traditional version made by cod, but because we asked the question that they would came back to the places because of the fish&chips, finally we counted in the test, because the answer was definitely yes. Unlike the three previous places, we ask out this food again, though the catfish's strong taste is a bit unusual for the first time, but if we get over this, the fish part of the fish&chips in Halkakas is perfection itself. The batter was light and crunchy, it's not greasy, which secret is, we saw that they resting it in paper tucker for minutes before serving. Unfortunately the potatoe is just average, but all for this the home made remoulade sauce compensates, which is consists of pickled cucumber, spring onion, sour cream, mayonnaise and curcuma. The sauce is so delicious that it makes you addictive. They have to work only a bit on the potatoe.

Price: 1690 Ft Score: 7,5/10


Vörös Homár


We were surprised too, but now, it seems that Budapest's best fish&chips can be eat in the Vörös Homár fish shop which is found in the Hegyvidék supermarkets' basement. The place is a small fish shop, not too intimate and to be honest it wasn't our favourite, because they not always kind with the customers and they like to trick with the prices too. They waiting the people with fish soup and permanent menu of course, the asked out foods can be consume on two small tables. It is clear from the menu that they take seriously the genre of fish&chips here, because not just the type of the fish, but the type of the potatoe is represented too (McCain). The potatoe is perfect, the batter is thin and crunchy, not greasy, though the fish is fall to pieces a bit. The remoulade sauce is fine too, but it's not in one category with the Halkakas'. Out testing team's every member agreed that the fish&chips is best in here, and would come back again for a fish&chips so the Vörös Homár won clearly. We gave minus points because the food was oversalted and the sauce can be better. During our test, the "Buda is more expensive than Pest" theory was crashed, the fish&chips costs 1490Ft here though the deluxe edition is 2190Ft, it has grilled shrimp skewer and mashed peas are included too. The standard ration was abundant too and the fish&chips from salmon is already in progress, we can't imagine what it will be.

Price: 1490Ft Score: 8/10



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