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Our beautiful city

Unexpectedly the whole downtown
of Pest was renewed!

It was accidental that I noticed that the many decorated plasterwork connected, a lot of renewal had been made on the Great Boulevard in the last decade.

It happened that I was sitting in a taxi and going to the airport and when I looked out the window, I saw that they removing the cordons from the Kálvin Square just in that moment. I knew that I'll miss this, I can't write that in time that they finally demolished that sarcophagus monster, which uglyfied the square through years and which continously suppression I wrote a lot of times in the blog. First, when the north-east part of the Kálvin completed, then when they tightened the cordons around the entrance of Metro 4.

Then I came home, and yesterday I decided that if two weeks delay, I'll write what happened to the square, how is it look like after the handover, I owe this to the blog and to you as well.

And here started the madness! Because I went to the Kálvin and photographed how well it looks like, the Ráday has escaped, it has sense of place, these mutant larvae maggots make sense, which were placed in front of the metro stations and at last you can sit out in front of the the Pata Negra.

But here came the rough part. I just wanted to ride to the previously passed north-east corner to photograph the whole, completely renewed square.

When I unexpectedly rolled in the beautifully renewed Baross street too, to have a sight at the Kálvin.

If I got there, I visited my favourite ones, the Ötpacsirta and Reviczky streets meeting by the Szabó Ervin library, which are got decorated plasterwork a few years ago.

And then I jumped to Mikszáth square which was unimaginable ten years ago with the Krúdy Gyula street, and our favourites, the Vostro, which was previously the Nostro(lovely but tiny cafe, ideal place for a date) and the first green cafe in Budapest and the others.

Then it occurred to me there was a renewal in the Markusovszky square nearby, the park was passed over last year, which reminded an indian slum:

Everybody knows the Ráday, it's a real success story, but now the area is too: the Kálvin completed, but at last, the Csarnok square was completed which was only half completed a few weaks ago. In turn they building it for years. Well, now they don't:

And of course, the Fővám square on the other side of the Corvinus is completed too:

Which's north-east part was already handed over last year, but after all it's new.

We can continue southwards, but it's not worth, because we still can't use the CET. Fairly unworthy story, but sooner or later we can therefrom will be something and then we can run to the Petőfi bridge on the decorated plasterwork (and a five star hotel is planned around.) However now I went to the corner of the Veres Pálné and the Bástya street where the landscaping is on and they'll finish it around August.

I went on the Veres Pálné street in parallel with the Váci street and with the renewed Király Pál and Kecskeméti street, which constantly changes it's name, but it lasts from the Kálvin square to the Szabadság square and it's loveable and it looks like great alongside and it was completed just a few years ago.

Understand what I'm saying?
About ten years ago, after 1989, when I was first in Prague I marvelled the beautifully renewed, fabulous city and I was sure in that it is unimaginable in Budapest. When I'm looking around a decade later, I see that I was wrong: huge areas are missing from the article, the seventh district's teeming part, the area between the Ferenciek square and the Szabadság square, the downtown's downtown, which is natural that it's in a great shape, the developing and lovely Újlipótváros aren't in it.

I went through areas wich are never come to our mind, if we'll looking for a tourist route, yet everything is so much beautiful, cooler, loveable, teeming then a decade ago that I just don't know where to look at.

There are a lot to be done in Budapest, but the downtown's small islands starting to fit together and slowly a big, ourselves in great shape can be found inside the Grand Boulevard. Love the city, we have more and more reason for it!

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