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If we look around on an average summer evening in Budapest, what we see is..


We assume that everybody has seen what kind of bachelor party was thrown in Las Vegas in the movie entitled The Wolf of Wall Street. If you don't remember, I will help. In the scene only the end of the bachelor party was shown, along with the ruins of the hotel room, while the hero of the movie was describing the party's budget, which was no less than 2 million dollars. Of course, I know that comparing a Budapest bachelor party to that would be shamefully sensationalistic, and quite certainly the amount of money also reflected the author's imagination, but it's still worth drawing a comparison between the parties hosted in Hungary and let's say, the ones thrown in Western-Europe, from the point of view of their quality and price. This matter is rather complicated and at the same time quite simple. Cheap places generally attract tourists with slim wallets, but the more expensive, elite destinations obviously function as filters. Other services such as budget airlines traveling to Budapest also greatly influence our city's tourism as well as the composition of foreigners visiting here. Naturally, similar airlines also travel to Paris, however nobody is surprised by a glass of beer costing 10 euros there, that would probably lead to a small popular uprising at a nightclub in Budapest. Everything depends on who positions themselves where on the market, and what their long term strategy is, that they target for themselves. Later, it's difficult to change the direction, or to work against an already established system, it's no use for somebody to choose the higher quality but more expensive service.

In our opinion, Budapest at some point around the dawn the development of ruin pubs started to undervalue itself, and unfortunately it was communicating this at full speed. Every advertisement, communication and message was built around price levels and emphasized that we are the cheapest in Europe. This started such a self-fulfilling process, that the city would already flee from today, but it won't have the chance to do that in the foreseeable future. Why? It's very simple. The highest number of tourists travels here from Britain. So, what does a Brit hear about Budapest? That a glass of beer costs 1 euro here, and a lunch just a few euros, and all services are practically for free, or at least cost a fraction of the price in London. Of course, this type of communication almost exclusively attracts those to Hungary who primarily wish to save money and not to relax. Those who would like to get everything for practically free, but mostly to drink and party, and are not interested in high quality cultural programs. Those that belong in the latter category rather travel to Vienna. And the Hungarian hospitality industry, conforming to the demand level of tourists, is striving to be as cheap as possible by reducing its investments and operational costs to a minimum. If we look around on an average summer evening in Budapest, what we see is that thousands of brutally drunk tourists are flowing between the dilapidated ruin pubs, they drink all the way till dawn, then having exhausted their maximum 50 euro budget, they stumble back to their hostel accommodation converted from some rental apartment, they lay down on their bunk beds, and on the next day they start the same thing all over again. We speak from experience that there are less and less selected programs, in most cases the bachelor party is nothing more than a pub crawl, on the basis of 'the cheaper the better'. Sometimes we get the feeling that an average Hungarian can afford more when travelling abroad than a bachelor party group visiting Hungary.

Of course, there is nothing wrong about somebody wishing to travel and to participate in programs for affordable prices. What frequently saddens us is the fact that in the case of groups visiting Budapest this is the number one priority. They don't consider either the service or quality, only and exclusively the price. This unavoidably results in the certain erosion of the service's quality standard. If a service provider is faced with this, he can do one of three things. 1. He can lower the service's quality standard and enter the price contest. 2. He can maintain the quality provided by him and slowly but surely goes bankrupt. 3. Exits the market.

Since we wouldn't like to end this writing with such a gloomy scenario, I hope that the city will react in time and will understand that this isn't the trend to be followed in world, and despite what is describe above they will succeed in stopping this process. The fact that in relation to bachelor party and stag party groups, currently Budapest is the number one destination in Europe is a very nice achievement, but not at these kinds of prices. The currently ongoing processes must be changed rather sooner than later, but for this beside ruin pub tourism, high quality services and quality tourists will also be necessary.




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