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Destination: Budapest

Why Budapest is one of the best destinations in Europe?

In the past decade, the Hungarian capital has gone through such development, which not even a single other city could match. This is an exceptional performance, because even at the time of the democratic transformation Budapest was the most Western style capital city in the communist-block. And the change isn't stopping. Even us, who have local pride, are successively surprised by how many new entertainment spots grow out of nowhere from one month to the next, furthermore, entire city districts are transformed as fast as in the period of 1 year. The best examples for this are the 5th and 7th Districts of the City Center. The 5th District is the absolute center, the trendier and understandably more expensive bars, clubs and restaurants are located here. On top of all this, the beautiful structures, parks, strolling streets evoke such an unparalleled atmosphere in tourists, which perhaps only Paris and Rome could compete with. However, Budapest wasn't satisfied by this much. The most bustling and highest standard entertainment district in Europe has been established here, which didn't stop at the border of the 5th District and it expanded further in the direction of the neighboring 7th District. Here the visitor may be acquainted with such a face of the city, which has already developed to be the trademark of Budapest, and the kind of which can't be found anywhere else. Yes, this is the world of ruin bars, where the alternative subculture and the extravagance of the 21st century constitute such a pulsating mixture, which makes the experience unforgettable for a lifetime. A multitude of tourists return here year after year, the ruin pubs here have developed to possess a great number of foreign regular patrons, not just Hungarians any longer. And according to the accounts of those who return, they just gawk around because they discover newer and even newer spots, enriched by new themes, new cultural experiences and new friends.

Therefore, based on night life, Budapest is deservedly the number one tourist destination in Europe today. But will all this be enough to retain this precious title? Of course not. Our city is a real rarity in the area of historical sights and scenic spots as well. While walking down its streets the past is almost palpable and this sensation doesn't cease even when among the beautifully renovated buildings we come across the indispensable accessories of modern times. The past and the present are connected with each other in such a combination, by which they don't disturb, rather compliment and emphasize each other.

Besides cultivating their traditions, Hungarians are rather progressive minded people. Cultural life is exceptionally rich and advanced. There are an abundance of exhibitions, concerts and plays, beside the classical, they include contemporary and avant-garde art as well, the number which isn't insignificant. The above mentioned ruin pubs don't only provide entertainment, but are also a kind of cultural adventure. However, in our opinion, this experience will only be complete, if we supplement it by viewing an exhibition, concert or some other performance.

Attention hedonists! :) Gastronomy is perhaps the most famous, most pleasurable and simultaneously the most popular part of Hungarian culture. It's simply prohibited to return home from Budapest without having tasted all the local delicacies, such as lecsó, gulyás, pörkölt and our fantastic soups as well as confectionaries. Our guides are familiar with a multitude of restaurants where not only the cuisine but also the price-value ratio is tangible. According to our experience, whoever tries the miracles of Hungarian cuisine on the first day, will not wish to frequent fast food restaurants and eat pizza, they will rather demand newer and even newer satisfying Hungarian foods till their last day.

Budapest is a fantastic and dynamic city. What we have described here, naturally can't even come close to what it will provide to You. If I had to characterize Budapest to a traveler preparing to visit our country, I could summarize it best with the title of a Cormac McCarthy book: "No Country for Old Men". So get ready for a ride and don't delay!



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