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The "bare-footed cabbies" have disappeared, who frequently took tourists..

The taxi-cab driver situation appears to be slowly consolidating in Budapest, this is the good news. The bad news is, that since we are talking about Hungary and within it particularly the city of Budapest, the consolidation doesn't promise very much. Still let's be hopeful, considering the past decade, this time something has really been set in motion. One of the most significant steps was the standardization of fares. The "bare-footed cabbies" have disappeared, who frequently took tourists - who were just trying to gasp for air - on unrequested sightseeing tours, while the meter was spinning like crazy, thus by the end of the trip the unfortunate passengers were completely ripped off by the drivers. So this doesn't occur any longer. What remained though is the tricky Hungarian blood, and the kind of people who are sucked in by the taxi driver profession, they become crafty and make deceiving us - unsuspecting passengers - into the mission of their lives. It seems that these people never change, they could survive even on the surface of an iceberg, they continuously complain all throughout their entire lives, if someone strikes up a conversation with them, by the end of the trip they are sobbing and rolling about on the hood of their cars, and meanwhile they rip us all off without a blink of an eye. Well, it doesn't matter, the point is that, by and large, the market is beginning to clear up, if we ride with the large taxi-cab companies we won't get into any deep trouble, we should still pay attention, if we are riding from Pest to Pest, to make sure that the driver doesn't take us across one of the bridges to Buda just so then he can bring us back to Pest via another one (because, this may very possibly happen). The drivers we should still be careful with are rather those with hotel taxis. We should avoid them as much as we can. It's not a coincidence, that it often costs several million Forints to acquire a spot in a hotel taxi-cab station, the driver must earn that money on top of the price of the newest model Mercedes, which the diligent fellow-driver hoarded together from many-many short kilometers. Therefore we recommend, that if you stay in one of the more elegant hotels, and the hotel has its own taxi-cab station, don't ride in the cabs awaiting there, you should rather calmly call a taxi by phone, or if the receptionist calls one for you, just stick the following list of taxi-cab companies under his nose and ask him to call one of them for you.

Radio Taxi: +36 1 777 7777, +36 20 7777777, +36 30 7777777, +36 70 7777777

Taxi Plus: +36 1 8888 000

Fő Taxi: +36 1 222 2222, +36 20 2222222, +36 30 2222222, +36 70 2222222




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